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At RIVA, we understand that flexibility is not just a perk—it’s essential. In 2020 we went remote during the pandemic out of necessity, four years later, we’re still at it. Unlike most of our competitors who’ve issued the return to the office memo, we decided early on that operating in a remote-first environment suited our culture because it empowers our employees to work from the location that best suits their individual needs, with the option to switch it up, whenever they want!  

In 2021 we formally adopted RIVAFlex, our approach to remote work. RIVAFlex has not only increased productivity and job satisfaction but has also brought out the best in our diverse team by accommodating their unique needs, lifestyles, and has expanded our talent pool to incredibility skilled individuals outside of the DC-area.   

Each of our employees Flexes differently, learn how four RIVA employees have embraced RIVAFlex, to reshape their work-life balance and designed the work environment that is perfect for them. 

How we (RIVA)Flex 

Relocation: Moving out of the DC Area 

Some of our team members have used RIVAFlex to relocate to places that better suit their personal and family needs. Joe Notarangelo, RIVA’s Director of Contract Vehicle and Partner Management shared, “After over a decade in the DC area, my family yearned for a change, we were drawn to Raleigh, NC. In mid-2021, an opportunity at RIVA arose. During my interview, I was assured of RIVA’s full-time remote work model. With that promise, I took the leap, joined the team, and relocated. I’ve enjoyed working remotely and visiting Tyson’s Corner for meetings. It’s a privilege to be with a company that prioritizes high performance and the best talent, no matter their location,” shares Joe.  

Childcare: Juggling Parenthood and Career 

For parents, balancing work with childcare is a significant challenge. RIVAFlex supports our employees by providing the flexibility needed to manage childcare without compromising their professional responsibilities. This adaptability has proven essential for parents striving to succeed in their careers while being present in their children’s lives. 

Alex Love, RIVA’s VP of Marketing and Communications and a first-time mom, has found the RIVAFlex program to be a transformative aspect of her work-life balance. RIVAFlex has allowed Alex to maintain her role leading the Marketing & Communications team while cherishing these early, invaluable moments with her daughter. Embracing the flexibility to work remotely, she’s been able to tailor her work environment and hours to suit her needs, all while providing full time childcare for her newborn until she is ready for daycare. ”RIVAFlex has been a lifeline, blending the worlds of work and motherhood into as much balance as you can have with a newborn at home. It’s more than a policy; it’s an opportunity for me to thrive in both my career and my new role as a mom,” said Alex. 

Traveling: Embracing the Digital Nomad Lifestyle 

RIVAFlex has also catered to our wanderlust-filled employees who seek to explore the world without losing career traction. Traveling employees utilize the policy to work from various locations, blending their passion for travel with their commitment to their roles at RIVA.  

Adventure and responsibility merged into an unforgettable experience for Lindsey and her wife Nena, both RIVA employees, as they embarked on a cross-country road trip from Virginia to Colorado, all while remaining fully connected and plugged into their roles. Lindsey shares, “Last year, when my mom required surgery, RIVAFlex offered us the incredible chance to relocate temporarily to Denver to support her through her recovery. I was grateful for the opportunity RIVAFlex provided, ensuring I didn’t miss a beat at work while being there for my family.” 


Hiring Out of State Talent: Expanding Our Horizons 

Finally, RIVAFlex allows us to tap into a broader talent pool by hiring specialists who are not bound by geographical limitations of the DC area, expanding our reach to candidates residing in the United States. This helps us bring unique perspectives and skills into our team, ensuring our customers have the best and brightest on their team. Sandy Mitchell, Senior Project Manager at RIVA, was living in Coastal Carolina when she applied for the role at RIVA. “Thanks to RIVA, I can engage in remote work as a government contractor without leaving the place I love,” said Sandy.  


RIVAFlex is a commitment to a modern workplace that prioritizes flexibility and the well-being of our employees. Our team’s personal stories are more than individual success stories; they are a collective affirmation of a work environment built on trust, empowerment, and nurtures individualized productivity.  

RIVA remains at the forefront of the future of work, a future where the success of our company is inextricably linked to the diverse and dynamic lives of those who make RIVA, RIVA. Are you ready to join Team RIVA and (RIVA)Flex with us? Check out our careers page today for the latest job openings.  


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