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RIVA Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) CoastWatch Central Team helmed by Heng Gu earned the 2022 National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) Outstanding Scientist and Research Team Award. This award recognized their contributions as part of a team that devised five solutions to improve data services to customers and increase operational efficiency.

Additional congratulations to NOAA CoastWatch Node RIVA employee Michael Soracco on earning the 2022 NESDIS Collaboration Award. This award recognizes advances made to the CoastWatch Learning Portal and Satellite Data Training Courses. The CoastWatch training, Learning Portal reach thousands of people directly and indirectly, contribute to the success of missions across NOAA.

RIVA is a proud NOAA partner with over 30 years of service supporting mission critical systems and programs. RIVA COO, Neelu Modali was quoted, “We are extremely proud of the CWOW teams and individual accomplishments. It is amazing to see how much progress the program has made over the past 13 years. I cannot wait to see what innovations they bring forth in the future.”

RIVA extends its congratulations to all the 2022 NESDIS awardees.

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