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RIVA Solutions, Inc. (RIVA) was awarded a contract supporting The American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) Website Modernization Program to upgrade the ACT-IAC technology infrastructure and web presence.

RIVA will transition the ACT-IAC website from SharePoint to a Drupal Content Management System (CMS); integrate Avectra netFORUM using web APIs; and make strategic member improvements, including calendar, event registration, and overall design and user experience. In addition, RIVA will improve knowledge management and increase member outreach through social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), mobile technology, and other collaborative tools (IdeaScale and SlideShare).

The goal, according to ACT-IAC President, Ken Allen, “is to embark on a project of innovation to demonstrate how IT investments can enhance organizational value and effectiveness.”  To achieve this goal, Ken says, “ACT-IAC and RIVA Solutions will develop an intuitive, user friendly web presence that will support our community through collaboration and education and serve as a leading source of knowledge about government IT.”

“RIVA Solutions is personally committed to ACT-IAC’s premier public-private partnership in the government IT community,” said Naveen Krishnamurthy, President and CEO. “We are doing more than building and maintaining a new website and supporting infrastructure for ACT-IAC. We are designing something collaborative so members find each other, and their information, faster. By crowdsourcing innovation and presenting ideas that can be easily seen and shared, we are creating a member experience unlike any other.”

This four-year website modernization contract includes operations, maintenance, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting support.

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