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Today RIVA Solutions announced the continuation of its partnership with Barrington Oaks, a premier strategy consultancy for the third consecutive year. This extended collaboration underscores RIVA’s commitment to excellence and growth in the Federal Technology marketplace.

Over the past two years, Barrington Oaks has facilitated the developing of sound strategic planning and implementation to ensure RIVA achieves its growth milestones. The focus of this ongoing partnership provides RIVA Solutions with guidance on an array of strategic questions, development of internal capabilities, optimizing operations, and resource allocation.  The continued partnership is expected to yield significant advancements for RIVA.

Barrington Oaks’ Omeed Jafari brings his experience and acumen in strategic planning and implementation to this partnership. He is the Managing Partner of Barrington Oaks and established the firm to support strategic requirements across the middle and lower middle markets, including aerospace, defense, government services, and national security technology. Mr. Jafari was quoted, “RIVA Solutions maintains a strong position in the Federal Technology marketplace, serving critical requirements across key Federal Civilian organizations. We are delighted to help RIVA’s executive and leadership teams capitalize on the opportunity to drive additional growth in RIVA’s core and near-adjacent markets.”

CEO Naveen Krishnamurthy was quoted, “We are excited to embark on another year of this prosperous partnership. I am confident that the guidance and expertise of Barrington Oaks will continue to be a driving force in our journey towards unparalleled success.”

About Barrington Oaks

Barrington Oaks is an Arlington, VA-based consultancy that delivers corporate strategy services to its clients in the government professional services, defense and intelligence industries. The firm leverages professionals with backgrounds in management consulting, investment banking, government, public policy, and executive leadership in industry to support clients’ most complex, multi-disciplinary strategic problems. Barrington Oaks’ consulting engagements are at the Board of Directors, CEO, CFO, or group President echelon. Barrington Oaks is structured to support this level of senior corporate leadership. Barrington Oaks has the domain expertise, the strategic insights, and deeply experienced ecosystem of professionals to undertake this assignment.

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