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In a world where women are increasingly making strides in leadership roles, RIVA Solutions hosted a panel discussion in honor of Women’s History Month featuring distinguished women from GovCon. Moderated by Rachel De Geyndt, VP Business Development and Capture at RIVA, the panel was made up of Jessica Price, Customer Success Director at NuAxis Innovations, Shak McCants, CEO of MacMore, and Dee Scott, VP of Client Delivery at RIVA Solutions. The panelists, joined by an intimate group of women, shed light on their personal journeys, triumphs, and challenges, offering advice and insight for the audience. We captured three key themes from the panel discussion out of many great insights shared by our panelists.

The Power of Effective Mentorship 

The panel underscored the critical role of mentorship in their personal and professional lives. Finding a good mentor is not just about having a guide but connecting with someone who can help navigate career paths, overcome challenges, and unlock potential. As panelist Dee Scott aptly put, “people can be loud and wrong,” consequently, a good mentor can offer clarity amidst the noise, helping to navigate the complexities of leadership with wisdom and perspective. 

Team Building and Trust 

All the panelists stressed the importance of team building, focusing on earning trust and respect within the workplace, which can be more difficult for women working in male dominated fields. The discussion revealed that while forming personal friendships at work is not a necessity, building a sense of camaraderie and a deep understanding of each other’s roles and how they interact is fundamental. This foundation of trust and respect not only enhances team dynamics but also contributes significantly to the overall success of the organization. 

Promoting Positive Workplace Dynamics 

Shak McCants and Jessica Price brought to light the importance of personal growth and the value of building a positive relationship with leadership. Shak’s approach to not tearing others down but rather concentrating on becoming the best version of oneself underscores the significance of self-confidence and positivity in professional environments. Jessica’s perspective on the importance of being able to constructively disagree with leadership points to the need for a culture that encourages open dialogue and values diverse opinions. True leaders create an environment where diverse perspectives are not only welcomed but encouraged. By setting aside egos and making space for open dialogue, innovative solutions emerge, driving progress and growth. 

The Future of GovCon is Female 

These highlights from the panel discussion not only provide valuable insights into effective mentorship, team building, and positive workplace dynamics but also reflect the overarching themes of empowerment and leadership that are crucial not only during Women’s History Month but all year long. The panelists underscored the transformative potential of female leadership in the GovCon industry and beyond. As we continue to strive for equality and representation in leadership, let us heed the wisdom shared and forge ahead with confidence, determination, and grace. 

If you are interested in attending the next Women in Leadership event, reach out to RIVA’s People & Culture team for more information.  


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