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Federal agency CIO’s oversee a multitude of critical functions in the process of producing outcomes directly linked to agency missions. Many CIO’s often rely on aging legacy systems that can slow down mission execution. Over time these systems can be costly to maintain, vulnerable to failures, and incompatible with modern technological solutions. By efficiently moving to the cloud, CIO’s can achieve better resource utilization, improved security posture, reduced costs, and enhanced agility, which directly supports the the goal of having efficient internal processes and IT infrastructure.

RIVA tailors approaches designed to help agencies overcome the hurdles of cloud migration. This paper outlines the key components of RIVA’s Migration Acceleration Program and demonstrates how federal agencies can benefit from our offering.

Focusing on Outcomes. To reduce unnecessary complexity and improve service delivery quality and turnaround time, contractors must support agency modernization goals by facilitating the replacement of legacy technology for operations, employing cybersecurity advances, and leveraging private-sector best practices with a focus on business outcomes. Many technology vendors offer cloud solutions with a focus on project outputs such as resource count or service count of completed cloud migrations. While project outputs are important to measure progress, RIVA takes a different approach by prioritizing outcomes over outputs. For example, an output could be a functional cloud environment after migration, while an outcome mapped to business objectives could be represented as a modernized export license management system with increased end user adoption and improved customer satisfaction scores.


Download the entire white paper by clicking the link above or below or reach out to Chief Technology Officer, Raj DasGupta to learn more.

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