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Through RIVA’s strategic partnership with Valiant Integrated Services, RIVA is serving ARNG Mission Training Complexes and other DOD locations for the MTC and any exercise support in preparation for training. Our role is to enhance exercise support and training of U.S. Army Commanders and their staffs. This work includes the following locations/regions:

  • Camp Atterbury, IN
  • Ft. Chaffee, AR
  • Camp Dodge, IA
  • Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA
  • Gowen Field, ID
  • Ft. Leavenworth, KS

In our current role, RIVA’s mission-critical IT support provides units with a reliable and secure simulation training environment.

Creating The “Digital Terrain”

Our team creates a “Digital Terrain” in support of mission command systems. This involves developing and analyzing topographic and thematic map data, while maintaining historical terrain, imagery, map, texture and data sets.

This work requires close collaboration with terrain laboratories, including the  Synthetic Environment Core (SE-CORE), Deputy Chief of Staff, Engineer (DSCENG), and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

RIVA professionals design, generate, edit, and manage terrain the databases for all models within the JLVC, JLCCTC, LVC-G, and our experts are constantly testing and evaluating emerging terrain technologies, providing recommendations on what’s trending in this field.

Finding the Right Talent in MCTSP’s Local Communities

For one of the locations under this contract, Camp Dodge (IA), a one-of-a-kind Mission Command Training Center for soldiers, RIVA tapped MG (Ret) Timothy Orr to help recruit unique mission sets and attract a new population of the highest quality talent at Camp Dodge using local resources and University relationships (Iowa University). As a strategic advisor to RIVA, MG (Ret) Orr provided his perspective in this process “never lose sight of the people putting their lives on the line every day to know that you are making a difference in the war fight somewhere around the world.”

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