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Amidst a period of remarkable growth and a steadfast expansion strategy, RIVA Solutions is excited to announce a series of strategic promotions from within its internal talent pool, underscoring the company’s commitment to nurturing leadership and excellence. All seven individuals are recognized for their tenure and service to RIVA while consistently exceeding goals and expectations.   

Leadership Promotions: 

  • Vajira Ranaviraja is elevated to Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, where Vajira will continue to drive strategic initiatives and corporate growth. 
  • Stan Konar takes on the responsibilities of Vice President of Accounting and Finance, ensuring fiscal integrity and strategic financial planning. 
  • Alex Love has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing and Communications, recognizing Alex’s strategic vision and execution in enhancing our market presence. 
  • Austin O’Donoghue steps into the role of Vice President of Cloud and Infrastructure, bringing forward-thinking leadership to our cloud modernization practice 
  • Bernie Pineau is named Vice President of Applications Services, reflecting Bernie’s consistent delivery of high-quality, innovative application solutions.
  • Danielle Cox and Dilantyra Scott have been promoted to Vice President of Client Delivery, demonstrating RIVA’s commitment to superior client service and achieving project excellence.  

“These promotions are a testament to our company’s robust internal talent and our commitment to career development,” says Naveen Krishnamurthy, CEO of RIVA Solutions. “Each of these individuals has demonstrated exceptional leadership, commitment to our values, and an unwavering dedication to the success of our clients and our company.” 

RIVA Solutions continues to invest in its people, understanding that such investment is synonymous with investing in the future of the company. As RIVA embarks on new ventures and continues to expand its footprint in the industry, the newly promoted leaders are set to play pivotal roles in shaping the company’s trajectory in the mid-size market. This cohort joins RIVA’s existing leadership team and recent addition, Rachel De Geyndt, who joined the team last month as Vice President of Growth.    



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