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Lucy Puckett has over a decade of experience in operational excellence within the GovCon sector, with a focus on continuous improvement, and process optimization. Currently serving as the Director of Corporate Operations at RIVA, Lucy is dedicated to centralizing and streamlining operational efforts, ensuring alignment with organizational goals, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Her background includes roles such as Senior Manager of Quality & Enterprise Management, where she oversaw Enterprise Management and developed a Corporate Quality Management System, as well as a Quarterly Performance Assessment Reporting System. Lucy has also served as a Portfolio Manager, responsible for managing a diverse contract portfolio with a keen eye on customer satisfaction and profitability.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Lucy is passionate about bridging the gap between executive leadership and operational teams. Outside of work, Lucy enjoys spending time with her family and friends in North Carolina along with her two French Bulldogs, Bode and Stevie and cat, Winston.