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Joe Notarangelo has been working in the Federal Government IT space since 2011. He joined RIVA at the end of 2021 to lead the GWAC/Contract Vehicle Center and help build and maintain RIVA’s vast teammate and partner community. Joe’s role focuses on managing RIVA’s vast vehicle center, coordinating with Contracting Officers, customers, and RIVA’s network of partners and teammates on a daily basis.
Joe’s career began selling IT staffing services to the Federal Government, starting as a recruiter and working several roles to provide customers with streamlined staffing solutions.  After nearly 7 years of supporting Federal Integrators, Joe transitioned over to a DoD Contracting firm to support Capture, Proposals, and Contract Vehicle operations for 4 years.  
Joe is a graduate of James Madison University in Virginia. He is a native of North Jersey but met his wife in college and moved to Northern Virginia for 11 years. He’s since relocated his family to the Raleigh, North Carolina area where he lives with his wife, 2 kids, and dog named Mika.  Outside of work, Joe enjoys playing in his softball league, visiting beaches along the east coast, and fishing with his kids.