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Bernard “Bernie” Pineau is an accomplished technology leader with over 20 years of experience in both private and public sectors. As the Vice President of Application Services for RIVA, Bernie is responsible for setting the strategic direction for application development practices, ensuring alignment with business objectives, and delivering value to customers.

Bernie has a proven track record of expertise in software design and development, cloud computing, and Agile methodologies. He has extensive experience leading product development for large-scale systems, including those under the healthcare marketplace within CMS and digital communications programs for USDA. His leadership has resulted in successful agile transformations, application modernization, and cloud migrations. His deep knowledge of Agile methodologies has been instrumental in the successful delivery of complex projects, enabling teams to quickly adapt to changing business needs and customer demands. Bernie is passionate about technology and its ability to transform organizations. Outside of work Bernie enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, biking, playing golf and travel.